The Project

ZeroBit Survival is a project we created to enrich the Minecraft Community. We share our server with people we believe fit our team. Totally free of cost for our team mates.


ZeroBit was founded in November 2021. We gradually expand as we go, however we do not feel the need to push ourselves to become well known by everyone.


With this project, we want to reincarnate the feeling of togetherness. We miss the times when people were still willing to share, give and respect and care for each other.

What we have

We are renting our server since November 2021 with a 1 year contract. Our VPS consists of 10vCPU Cores, 60GB of RAM, 400GB NVMe disk space and 32TB Traffic. We also have a control panel with dockers in place so that servers don't affect each other, not even on hard crashes.


The server was set up by me, Zero, with the assistance of GitBit, who is an active IT technician and network specialist. Behind the scenes, we have a whole battery of security systems in place to prevent unauthorized access.


We actively offer support and advice for our team members in our discord. We strongly believe that knowledge comes with experience and we find ourselves enjoying to see people succeed no matter the difficulty of the task at hand.

Our offer

We give out free servers of 6GB Ram, 300% allocated CPU power, 10 MySQL Databases, 3 Backup Slots and 50GB of Disk Space. Slots are limited - consider filling out an application here.

The conditions

We are aware that all this sounds too good to be true. We have some conditions to ensure the safety of the network as a whole.

Server Settings

We ask of you to keep 'online-mode' to 'false' and 'bungeecord' to 'true' to allow connection to your server.

Integration of your Server

Our server is a bungeecord network. You do not need to concern yourself with anything happening in the hub or any other server than your own.

Offline Mode

We make use of offline mode and therefore allow cracked users to join our server. A login system is set up with authentication. If you do not agree to this, please do not apply.

Domain, IP and direct connect

We will never allow direct connections to subservers since this would allow players to bypass our authentication process in the hub. Therefore, we will not offer you a subdomain/IP.

Liability and Monitoring

We founders can, of course, see anything happening on your server but that doesn't mean we actually look. We will never monitor your server or access any files associated with your server unless you explicitly ask us to do so.

Our Contract and Your Contract

Our contract with our host is valid until October 2022, where we will then make a choice to extend it or not. We will extend it if there is a single team member left in our network to ensure their onliving. Your contract with us is open - you are free to leave whenever you wish. However, we may block you from any future applications of any nature if you leave without letting us know.
We wish to bring joy to as many people as possible, and your abandoned server left running takes up space someone else could use to experience the joy of owning a server.

Support and Time Zones

Once you are accepted into our team, we are more than happy to give you a hand with anything you need. We know that things can get tough and we would love to teach you. Due to eventual time zone differences, we may not be able to respond as fast as we'd like to. Please understand we need sleep, too.

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