ZeroBit is not only a Minecraft Server, but also a place for anyone to learn about Java and Plugins. I am constantly working adding more and more to the website.

Plugin Tutorials

I plan to add tutorials for well known plugins to my homepage. I am well aware that there are already documentation pages out there by their developers. However, I want to minimize and make them more humanly understandable, adding only infos about things the average user will need instead of including literally everything, which often confuses users and is just too much to read for simple questions.
Below, you will find a few plugins for which I plan to create tutorials.


LuckPerms is the go-to permission management plugin. The amount of users is insane! I will cover the most wanted and needed features, explain how to use it and what you need to know to start.
I also plan to include a few very basic rank-setups for you to download for free.


The times of when Essentials used to be just a basic plugin is long over. I will cover the most used features and also include a basic LuckPerms setup with Essentials permissions and a matching config to it which you can download, use and edit to fit your needs.


TAB by Neznamy is very popular - for a good reason! Their work is much appreciated by many users and the documentation is as detailed as can be. Unfortunately, to this day, users struggle with it. I will set up TAB myself and create a tutorial as I go, explaining only the most wanted features.

More to come!

The plugins listed here isn't the end of it! I will first work on all the above and the java tutorial before adding more, which, of course I do take requests for on discord.
Need a setup guide/tutorial that is simplified?
@ me on discord Zeromaniac#0001

Java Tutorial

You want to learn java - enough to make your own plugins, but not stuff you will never need.

Beginner Friendly

My tutorials are also follow-ups for myself as I am a real beginner, too. I will not throw words at you that you do not know the meaning of.


While the turorial in written form is quite boring on one side, I am doing my best to add interactive elements to make the experience more fun.

Repeating past elements

Forget about forgetting. I will challenge you along the way to use knowledge acquired in the past to refresh your memory.


I will give you homework to do based on what we learned together.


Repeating the same thing over and over again is no fun and does not provide you with the experience that you achieved something or conquered a challenge. I will be giving you tasks for the same subject in different ways, combining different topics to keep you interested and show you just how powerful your tools are.

From start to end

Many people, me included, suffer from the amount of offers out there. Javadocs and other links will be thrown at you if you ask someone to give you tools to learn java for making minecraft plugins. No new person understands those docs and I am aware of that.

Sharing my struggles

Throughout my journey so far I noticed that many tutorials fail to mention details that are very important to make you understand what the code is actually doing and why certain things just don't work.

Emotion and motivation

You will get frustrated and you will maybe even think about quitting. The same happened to me already, multiple times to be honest. I will share my emotions with you along the way to show you that you are not alone with this unwelcome byproduct and we will overcome those dark phases together.

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